The Game Of 7 Card Stud ->> Why you Shouldn't Bluff


It would be advisable not to try to pull off a bluff, even looking at situations when one could bluff.

Here, we aren’t talking about playing $30/60 stud poker, in which the players are skilled and they play a solid, tight-aggressive game.

Bluffingwould be more likely to occur in that game. Many people would stay in to see the last card at low limits.

Mostly, bluffing wouldn’t work when four poker players have stayed to the end, and when the pot is a decent size – the reason being that at least one player would be determined to ‘keep you honest’.

Even so, as mentioned previously, bluffing sometimes could work out in one of two ways:

1. A player could win some money by getting the opponents to fold then and there.

2. The player would increase the size of a pot down the road by getting players to stay with him/her because they him/her seen you bluff previously.

In spite of those benefits, it cannot be emphasized enough that you must keep in mind that bluffing should not be foremost on the mind when one has gotten a feel for the opponents playing style and has been completely focused to the cards.


One last topic remains before moving on: How much in chips should be brought to the table? Starting out with ten times the high-end of the table limit would be a suitable.

For the most part, Peter plays at $2 and $4 limit, so he would normally start with at least $40. One thing that should be considered when playing poker: one must make sure to have enough in front of him/her to call or raise if one gets a good hand, if one has no intention of spending more than $40 at the poker table.

For instance, if a poker player is down to four dollars, and he/she get a good hand, the only thing he/she could do is to go ‘all-in’, and this would result in the creation of another pot in which he/she would have no stake.

One must buy at least another $20 in chips when one has been left with less than $10. One would want to have enough chips in front of oneself to call or bang away with a good hand so one could win all of a big pot and not just a main pot, which would be smaller.