Fifth Street ->> Two Pair


Playing two pair on the fourth street certainly had not been easy, and the comfort you would have had in playing this poker hand wouldn’t have improved all that much on the fifth street.

There were, though, some pieces of advice Peter could have given you to help you feel more comfortable in deciding whether to continue with this poker hand.

Of primary importance in stud poker, of course, were live cards. You would have wanted many cards that you would have needed to improve to a full house to be live.

When playing stud poker, with more than two of those cards dead, just having checked if you could and folded if it had come back to you, unless you would have been holding a powerful pair (such as aces and kings) on the board, and you had been convinced you would have won the pot or vastly narrowed the field if you had bet.

When playing stud poker, another critical factor in determining whether to proceed to the sixth street with two pair would have been the size of your two pair.

Remember, you would never have wanted to play into a bigger two pair when you had seen one on the board – even with live cards.

This was an important reminder, and it had saved Peter a lot of money. When there had been a bigger pair on the board (assuming the order two cards to help that poker playerhad been live) you would have wanted to fold and be done with that hand.

You would have been an underdog to improve anyway, but you would have been even more of an underdog when you would have been going up against a probable two pair that was bigger than yours.

You should have just folded and waited until you had had a better poker hand.

On the flip side, if you had been the poker player with a big two pair, you shouldn’t have been too intimidated by lower pairs.

If no more than two of the cards you had needed to improve had been dead, you should have gone ahead and bet (or even raised) it had been to you.

The fewer poker players the better, and, ideally, you would have liked to win the hand right here on the fifth street.

Because of the change in the betting limits, a bet here may have actually been more beneficial to you than it had been at the fourth street.

Unless you had had a pair on the board, you could have bet only the minimum if no one had yet bet on the fourth street.

But here, because the limits had been increased to the maximum, a bet from you would have been more likely to scare off online poker players than it had been before.

So with a strong two pair, you should have forced them out and narrowed the field. You would have been hoping you would fill up, but if you hadn’t, a strong two pair would frequently have held up as the number of poker players left had decreased.

In stud poker, playing two pair was very confusing and nerve-wracking. You may have had a good but not a great poker hand.

Playing it too passively would have been one of the most common mistakes that even otherwise solid stud players had made.

Despite Peter’s years of experience, even he had sometimes been reluctant to play two pairs as hard as he should but if you had done so you would have won more money than you would have lost.

Laying down two pair could also have been an incredibly difficult thing to do. After all, you would have needed only one more card to fill up.

That voice inside of your had said, ‘Throw out those chips and let’s go for it!’ ‘Going for it’ with weaker two pairs when there had been indicators that the other poker player could have had you beat or when there had been too many dead cards would more often than not have just resulted in your stack of chips disappearing quickly.

In stud poker, you should have waited for those two big pairs with live cards, and when you had got them, you should have played them hard.

Quick Guide….
….To Two Pair on Fifth Street :

RAISE if you feel that you have the best hand, unless more than two of your cards are dead.

CALL if you are in a game with loose opponents and you feel that a raise will be ineffective in driving them out.

FOLD if you see a higher pair on the board than your two pair or if more than two of your cards to improve are gone.