Third Street ->> The BEst Of The Rest


We have now looked at just about every hand in stud poker that you could have started with on the third street – the pairs and the drawing hands.

In nearly every other holdem poker situation, you would have folded if you didn’t have a pair or a drawing hand to start out with, and you would have been focused to how the play of the hand progressed.

There would have been just a few other poker situations in which you could have limped in to see the fourth street.

One of the stud poker situations would have been when you had been the bring-in and no one had raised. In this poker situation, you would have stayed in with anything.

You could have also limped in for a dollar if you had been in the late position, had three big cards, seen that most of them had been live and had had few callers.

For instance, suppose you had held a ten, a king, and an ace. You had been the last to act, and when you had studied the board, you had seen a ten fall, but no kings or aces.

By the time it had gotten to you, there had been two people who had stayed in: the original bring-in bet, and one other caller.

In this case, in stud poker, you could have gone ahead and tossed in a chip to see the fourth street. Having hopes that you would have improved to a big pair.

When playing stud poker, you should have proceeded with caution, though. If there had been more than three players who had stayed in by the time it had gotten to you, (or two if you had been the second-to-last player to bet and there had been a scary card to your left) then you should have folded.

Yes, you had had three big cards, but even a small pair had been starting out with something better than you had.

If you had held two suited cards when playing stud poker, which had been in early or middle position, and if all cards that had been smaller than any of the other cards that you had held had yet to act, you could have limped in for a dollar if you had felt the need.

Still, most of the time, even with three big cards and smaller cards yet to act, you should have saved the dollar – you should have waited for a better starting hand.

Of course, when playing stud poker, it would have been tempting to play – you had taken the time to come down to the card club, and you had wanted to be in the hand.

But if your objective of playing stud poker had been to maximize your winnings, you should have selected your three cards very, very carefully.

Remember – When playing stud poker, the decision you would have made on the third street would be your most important decision on a hand.

The gambler inside you may have urged you to play more loosely, but that would have been a foolish mistake that would have been all too easy to make.

In stud poker, trash was more likely just to become more trash. You should have been patient and waited for the hand that you had wanted to play, and when that hand had come, know how to have played it properly.