Sixth Street ->> Raising


Yes, that’s right, there would have been times when raising with a hand such as a flush would have been the best decision, even when it would have been two big bets to you.

For one thing, at the sixth, a bet that would have been raised by another poker player could have been an attempt to force you out.

The raiser may have thought that you hadn't made your hand when you already had.

If it would appear to be the case, you should have gone ahead and re-raise or capped the pot. You should have made him pay dearly for his decision.

If you had felt that you had the best hand, you shouldn't have feared a raise – you should have gone ahead and re-raised it.

In most cases, though, calling when you would have been facing two big bets on the sixth street would have been the correct decision when you had made a solid but not stellar hand.

You should have rarely laid down a completed good hand unless you would have had good knowledge of your opponents or your gut had told you that you had only the second-best hand.

Here’s another thing to have kept in mind at the sixth street that would have helped you to determine how to bet – a poker player should have had a pair on the board in order to have a full house.

Peter had mentioned before that stud could have been more challenging than hold’em, since you would have never known when you had “the nuts.”

At the sixth street in stud poker, you could have at least known when your opponent had no chance of having the boat.

With a bet or even two bets but no pairs from either the bettor or the raiser, you could have felt more confident in bagging away with your hand- unless it had appeared like one of your opponents had made a bigger flush or straight.

Most of the time you would have been happy to make a good hand at the sixth street, so you should have looked for a reason not to play.

Normally, the sixth street would have been just a stopping point on your way to the showdown. Unless it appeared very bleak, you should have stuck with your made flush or straight.

You should have called if you hadn’t been sure that it had been the best, and banged away with confidence when it had seemed that it had been.

Quick Guide….
….To Solid but not Stellar Hands on the sixth street:

RAISE if you feel you have the best poker hand.

CALL when you are not as confident about your hand, and when it looks like someone else might have you beat.

FOLD a flush or straight at the sixth street rarely – only if you feel your hand has become the second best.