Fifth Street ->> Raising With A Monster


Would it have ever been okay on the fifth street to raise and re-raise with a monster hand? For example, if there weren’t many poker players left, and you had believed the poker players that remained would not fold, even with a lot of action, you should have gone ahead and raised a online poker player’s bet. Remember, though, when you had the monster hand, the more poker players that were in the pot, the better.

Another instance in which it would have been best to raise the bet was when you were in late position and there had been a lot of action by the time it had come to you.

Putting more money in the pot wouldn’t have scared off those who had already bet and raised – they would have simply called your raise. They would want to stay in until the end.

Finally, although you would have wanted to call most of the time with great hands such as quads or a big full house, you wouldn’t want to do so all of the time.

Unlike in hold’em poker, in stud, you could never have been certain when you had the absolute nuts – a poker hand that couldn’t be beaten.

If you had believed there was any chance that one of your opponents had something better than what you had held, you should have gone ahead and raised.

Quick Guide….
….To Monster Hands on Fifth Street :

RAISE if there has been a lot of action (two bets or more) by the time the betting gets to you.

CALL most of the time, so others can build your pot – you’ll have time to raise on the sixth street or seventh street.


Few things have been more exciting than catching two pair and then having the poker gods bless you with the magical card that completed your hand to a full house.

A boat was a huge hand in any poker game, and the vast majority of the time it would win you a decent-sized pot.

Nonetheless, just because it was a great hand did not mean that it should have been played the same way every single time.

There were two typical ways to play a full house – either you could have banged away with it, or you could have slow-played it. Banging away.