Final Thoughts ->> Pros Of Online Play


Playing poker online also had a number of advantages, particularly for the low limit stud player. The biggest had been that it was much easier to remember cards when you were on the computer and at home.

You could have had a digital notebook open, or you could have used a pencil and paper to write down cards as they had been folded.

And that would have been much easier than trying to remember them all at a card club table. Additionally, if you would have wanted to, you could have played in several games at once, you wouldn’t have had to worry about attire, and the rake had been a little lower overall.

You also have greater options in table choices (particularly for the low-limit poker players). Some online poker sites even had tables where the minimum bet was a quarter and the big bet was fifty cents.

Your take certainly wouldn’t be much from these games, but you could have still learned a big and had some fun. Online poker sites would also have numerous play money tables, which had been great when you couldn’t get to the card club.

When you would play online poker at a play money table, you should remember that the style of play would be much more loose – after all, if it had been just fake money, why wouldn’t you gamble more?

Ultimately, in several states, poker would still be illegal. If you have been fortunate enough to live in one of these places, Peter’s advice would be: to move.

If that would not be a choice, online poker might have be your only alternative outside of home games with your friends. You might have had to stick to playing on the Internet if you couldn’t get to a card room.

One thing would have been certain – the Internet will only be growing in terms of the options you will have in playing poker there.

Competition has always been good, as it has brought out the best in competitors to offer the best for the customer.

While collusion could always be a menace, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about playing poker on the Internet. For several people, Internet poker could be fun and relaxing in the comfort of their own homes.


One thing that Peter hasn’t covered in depth is check-raising, First, if anyone had said that it was unethical to check-raise, you should have told him to stick the game in his kitchen.

Check-raising has been a part of poker, and it has been a very useful thing to do when it has been done right. The key would be in knowing when it was right to attempt a check-raise.

Though theoretically you could have check-raised at any time, the earlier your position, the better.

Evidently, for you to check, there should have been no bets on the table, so normally when you would have check-raised you would have been the first to act.

If you had been going to try for a check-raise, you would have wanted to have a monster hand or felt very confident that no one at the table had something that could have beat you.

Check-raising with two pair on the fifth street with a big full house would be. Even if no had had bet, you could have got all those drawing hands in on the sixth street when you would have been betting.

When playing stud poker, having had a monster hand wouldn’t have automatically meant that you should have check-raised. For one thing, you would have also wanted to be certain that another player would have bet.

If you had had trips on the board and you had checked, you shouldn’t have expected a whole lot of callers. Hidden power would have been much better.

If your cards on the board had not revealed much, and it had looked like another poker player could have made a hand smaller than yours or would have been betting with a pair he had been showing, you should have checked and then raised him and the other callers.

You needn’t have felt guilty about check-raising – it was a part of poker. Just remember that you should have had a huge hand and been confident that the other online poker player would have bet when you had tried it.

Check-raising with either smaller hands or with and obvious monster hand could have been costly.