Sixth Street ->> Pairs


You should not have play your pair past the fifth street unless you are either getting cards for free or have possibilities for other poker hands, such as a flush or straight.

If your situation hadn’t improved here on the sixth street and you had still been looking at a pair, you should not have played unless you had had a four-to-a-straight or four-to-a-flush to go with your pair.

If that had been the case, you would have wanted to stick around to the end.

Your odds to get the flush had been about 4-to-1 and your odds to get the straight had been about 5-to-1.

You also had other outs, since you could have improved to trips or a solid two pair.

A four-dollar bet would have been going into a pot large enough to justify your calling.

Again, while playing stud poker, as with other hands, you should have strongly considered folding if you had had to call two big bets.

You had certainly been in the weakest position here with just a pair – you could very well have been drawing dead to a hand that would have been bigger than your straight or flush if you should have hit it.

In stud poker, while calling two big bets with a flush already made would have been much more justifiable, calling here wouldn’t you would have only hit that flush one out of every four times.

Unless that pot had been enormous, you should have folded.

Of course, you should not have given any consideration to playing the seventh street with a pair that hadn’t improved to a four-straight or a four-flush.

If you had stayed past the fifth street with a pair because you had been hoping to catch two ruining cards if your pair had not improved, and you had not got any help, you should have mucked the hand.

When playing stud poker, most of the time you would not have been playing this hand anyway, unless you had had a lot of live cards.

Even if you had, it certainly would not have been worth staying in the hand with a pair that had had no chance to improve to a flush or straight – the most you would have had in the end would have been trips.

Quick Guide….
….To Pairs on Sixth Street:

CALL if you have a four-flush or four-straight to go with your pair.

FOLD if you were on a three-straight or three-flush with your pair at the fifth street that didn’t improve here at sixth street .