Fourth Street ->> Mucking The Hands


With two pair, if you had seen a bigger pair on the board, folding would have been the best decision unless every one of your cards had been live.

With just one pair, even it had been big, you should have got out of there if you had seen that someone had made a bigger pair.

For instance, suppose you had a pair of jacks, and at this point in stud poker, a poker player who had made a pair of aces had clearly beaten you.

Unless you knew that his other two aces were dead, you should have folded. Going up against a bigger pair that clearly had you beaten here would have just cost you money in the long run.

The only time you could have considered calling was if your pair was hidden. Peter had touched on the value that a hidden pair could have had for you when you got to the showdown: a poker player wouldn’t have seen trips – or better yet, a full house – coming.

With a hidden pair in the same poker situation, you could have called up to one big bet if most of your cards had been live. Texas holdem tips


During the discussion of the third street play, Peter had mentioned that the importance of a good kicker could never have been underestimated when playing stud poker.

The same would have held true here at the fourth street, and the size of your kickers would have played a large part in determining whether you should have called or folded. Let’s look at an example to illustrate this point in stud poker.

Let’s say you had had pocket jacks. With no pair on the board, you would have been raising if it had been one small bet to you.

What if another poker player had held a pair of queens to your right, and he had just brought it in for the maximum? Certainly, you would have been gone if more than one of the cards you had needed to improve were gone.

But before you were to reach for your chips or start to fold up your cards to muck them, you should have looked at your kickers.

Let’s say you had been holding a split pair of jacks, with a ten for your other hole card and a king had been dealt to you on the fourth street.

In such a poker situation, assuming you hadn’t seen more than two dead cards, you should have gone ahead and called to see the fifth street.

You would have had possibilities for what could have improved to trips, two pair, or even an open-ended straight draw. Now suppose you had the same split pair with lousy kickers.

In that case, you should have folded. Sure, the jacks had looked good, but you could already have seen that a pair of queens had beaten you. You should never have started out having to improve if you didn’t have to.

Quick Guide….
…. To Big Pair on Fourth Street:

RAISE with a big pair (especially if it’s hidden) when you see no other pairs on the board and when you are confident that you have the best hand.

CALL if it had been raised to you or if you see another pair on the board, unless you believe that your opponent is just trying to scare people off.

FOLD when you see that a bigger pair has been made.