Final Thoughts ->> Keep Records


Another thing you would have wanted to be sure to do when you would have played any type of poker would have been to maintain a record.

It wouldn’t have been that hard. For a very basic poker record, you should have just written down the date, length of time you had played, and how much you had won or lost.

This would have helped you if you happened to win a lot for tax purposes, but it would also have given you an idea of how you had been doing overall.

If you had found yourself losing several sessions of poker in a row, you needn’t get too worried – everyone‘runs bad’ from time to time.

But if you had found yourself consistently losing more than you had won over a long period of time, you should have evaluated your play.

You should have tried to focus on what part of your game had needed work and what could have made you a better poker player.


If you have wanted to become a consistent, winning poker player, it would be a good idea to be learning more about poker constantly.

You would be learning at the card table but there would also be plenty of ways to be learning outside of the card room.

You should take advantage of those opportunities. You should buy more poker books or magazines on poker and learn new techniques. You should use the Internet.

Just as there would be many places in which you could be playing poker online, there are also many places where you could learn about poker.

One of Peter’s favorite sites has been www.pokerpages.com , This has been an outstanding website that has recently been re-designed, and it has now included places where beginners could post questions, along with message boards for finding home games and asking general or advanced questions as well.

Another site Peter had frequented was a newsgroup that had probably been most well known on the web for poker.rec.gambling.poker.

You would have found this using a simple search under ‘groups’ at www.google.com. Here you would have been able to find all sorts of posts on a variety of poker topics, including many from people asking for others’ thoughts on the proper play of different hands.

You could also have considered starting your own web page on poker, as Peter had done.


Computer software had been very useful. It had been a powerful tool that would have helped you in a lot in your game.

While play money table at poker websites had been free, you wouldn’t have learned a whole lot from them, as the style of play there had been incredibly loose.

If you had purchased software for your computer, though, you could have had different opponent styles, set the table limits, and got results that had been much more real-life-like.

Computer software had also given all the statistics you could have ever wanted, from the tightness of the game to analysis of your own play (Peter’s favorite).

If you had wanted, the software could also have given you advice on how to play each hand.

You should have been sure to check out programs such as Wilson ’s Turbo Seven-Card Stud to help you in your game, and it had been well worth the investment. Other companies have offered similar software as well.


Peter had included this section especially for those poker players who had never been to a card room before – it was a way to keep in mind the things that they should have avoided.