Final Thoughts ->> Do's And Don'ts


Here are some of the poker basics that you would need to remember every time you want to go play stud poker:


DO always remember cards that have been folded.

DO always have a positive attitude.

DO remain focused on your game, even when you’re not in the hand.

DO know when to leave when you feel yourself going on tilt.

DO have a general knowledge of the odds so you know when staying in a hand is justified.

DO watch your opponents carefully at all times.


DON’T feel you have to ‘get even’ when you’ve suffered a bad beat.

DON’T play over your head – play only at the limits you can afford.

DON’T gamble by chasing hands that aren’t justified by the odds.

DON’T get overly frustrated by losing a good hand or having a losing session. No one wins still go home with less. In the long run, though, if you stick to what you know, you’ll be a poker winner.



In this book, Peter had given you solid advice on playing stud poker in the poker rooms at the low limits.

What Peter hopes this advice would do is to make you a good, consistent winner at seven-card stud poker.

There would be times when you would lose – but you need not let them bother you.

If you play your ‘A Game every time, recalling those live cards, knowing the odds, and remembering how to play all the hands we’ve covered properly, and he’s confident that you could enjoy stud poker more and more.

Poker will always be fun to play but it would be even more fun when it benefited your wallet.

This book would help make that happen.