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COMPLETED SOLID HANDS (Straights or Better)

Considering that the average winning hand in stud poker was nines, a straight or better would often have won you the pot. But depending on what else would be going on at the table, different situations would have called for different styles of playing.

Most of the time, however, when you would complete a hand you had been drawing to, you would have wanted to play it as hard as you could. Let’s say that you had been holding a flush and were in the middle position. It had been one bet back to you.

Unless you had been looking at trips on the board or a bigger four-flush who was yet to act, you would have been raising the stakes to build up the pot or to try to force out a poker player who would be looking at big odds against his making his hand.

You shouldn’t try for a check-raise here – either you should bet or raise. Raising may not have forced out as many people as it would have had at fifth street, but it would have made them pay more to see their cards.

When you would have had a good hand that you had believed would win, that would be what you have wanted them to do – given you their chips.

Playing your hand hard could have occasionally forced out a poker player or two on that very marginal draw.

That would have also been good, since even the biggest odds would occasionally be overcome.


Aggressive play would be the right decision most of the time, but there have been a few times when calling has been the right move.

One instance is if a poker player with very threatening cards on the board has been bet.

When this would happen, he would not be raised all that often, since other poker players would have been scared.

If you have been seeing a lot of cards to complete his hand fall, a raise might have been in order – if it would have got you heads up against that poker player.

This probably would not have happened since, as Peter had said, so many poker players would be married to their hands and would have been staying in.

So, if you had to face a bet from two pair, trips, or a bigger four-flush or four-straight than you have been, unless you had believed the poker player to have been bluffing based on your knowledge of him or you had realized that many of the cards had had needed were dead, you should have just called.